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My high school yearbook quote was "Tarek. Just. Stop. Please." Sadly, I never did... and now there's an entire website to document it! Here you'll find all my comedy, film, theater, and written exploits–though they rarely fit neatly into just one category. Across all my work, I strive to tell diverse stories, foster healthy collaboration, and make people laugh (and maybe even cry). So if you're near NYC or on the internet, let's do it! 

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Ziad’s Mumps Adventure is hands-down our favorite movie of 2016, giving us one silver-lining to an otherwise rotten year.

-Yahoo News

See for yourself why we can't stop laughing


Ziad made the best of a shitty situation to create a Cast Away-caliber masterpiece that deserves a Golden Globe award of its own.

-Daily Dot